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Prepare your stay

Prepare your Stay

Entry formalities in Morocco

Moroccan regulations regarding entry in Morocco provides that all foreigners intending to travel to Morocco will have a valid passport or other document (3 months validity minimum) , recognized by the Moroccan State as title of travel. If no visa is required for citizens of the Euopean Union, a valid passport is required .


 Purchase Dirhams and currency exchange


In principle, the Dirham (bank note) is not convertible into currency , which means you should not be able to buy it outside of Morocco. In practice, it is possible but not interesting because outside of Morocco, the course is unfavorable and there is high exchange fees.

You will buy your dirhams in banks counters or in one of the many independent exchange offices. The course is roughly the same everywhere (but avoid the exchange offices at the airport) and there is no fixed cost, you can change 10 or 100 Euros at once. You will keep slips exchange with you because you can only convert 30% of the dirhams purchased into foreign currency.

You can also get dirhams at ATMs with your Maestro and Visa. Fixed costs are high and the security is lower.

The drinks


Tap water is drinkable and very chlorinated. Those who fear gastric troubles will drink mineral water. The mint tea also called "Moroccan whiskey" is the Moroccan favorite drink and you will enjoy it during all the seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter).

Negotiations, purchases, services, gratuities


Negotiation of your purchases of souvenirs and Moroccan crafts will take time and you will do a quick market survey by consulting various vendors before setting your maximum price. For services whose prices are not displayed, it will be more complicated.

For unmetered taxi, a carriage, a massage, a scrub, a guide, and for any service, you will ask the price BEFORE committing. No service is really free though the process often seems very warm and friendly.

As elsewhere in Africa, Moroccan always receive a commission on your purchases in shops, restaurants, etc... where they lead you. Never regret a purchase you would have paid "too expensive" because it was the price that you were willing to give at this time according to your means, your mood or urgency. As in Europe, you will give a tip when you feel that the service provided deserved.

When prompted to enter a shop, to drink tea during a negotiation while you are in ballad or spotting, do not say "no thank you" for short. Politeness wants you to leave hope to the merchant, otherwise it will be frustrated. You will say that you will pass later, tomorrow, or you that you go elsewhere.


For fans of the Internet, mobile and emails


Morocco has three mobile operators whose principal , Maroc Telecom, covers the entire territory. Your smartphone can connect in 3G mode with a Moroccan SIM card 20DH (€ 2) around Marrakech or Wifi in the numerous cafes and free wifi hotspots in restaurants and terraces as "Café des épices" and "Alhambra".

WiFi equipment is also installed in the riad and you will receive your emails .

Climate and weather throughout the year

We draw your attention to the fact that there is easily a 15°C gap between the temperature of the day and the evening. It is therefore recommended to put in your luggage something to cover in winter and at night.

You can check our weather page for more information and for a statistical view of the temperatures throughout the year.

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