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Travelling in the city

Travelling in the city

Inside Medina

The best way to travel in Marrakech's Medina is walking with a map or paper guide in hand. On arrival at Riad Eloise , we will give a detailed map and a simplified map to indicate the paths to take and establishments where you can eat, cool down and relax.

Official and clandestine guides have for incidental or essential mission to lead you in the shopping boutiques. If you get lost in the maze of streets, ask for directions to a merchant and shopkeeper adult. Do not ask a child has he will make a detour to the store of his cousin where he will have a commission on your future purchases. This is normal in Africa.

Outside Medina

To exit the medina, small taxis (max 3 places) are practical and economical if you ask to activate the meter. A race from medina to Gueliz not worth more than 12 Dirhams bakshich included. Do not be fooled by those who ask you 20 Dh at departure.

Another pleasant way to travel is by carriage. Although prices are posted on each, negotiation is difficult but less hard when you go back to the end of the line: those who have just arrived. We recommend that you always negotiate the price before leaving, never to arrival.

Alsa City bus in Marrakech are cheap and will take you almost everywhere for around 4 Dh / person. Buses 1 and 16 go to "place Jemma el Fna" and in Gueliz.

The large red sightseeing buses (Hop-on Hop-off) follow a tourist trail to discover Marrakech. A day package will allow you to get on and off at different stops of the journey to visit at your leisure.

Outside Marrakech

To get out of Marrakech you will take a big taxi (Mercedes - max 5 persons) without counter (price negotiable ) or a minibus with a driver.

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